it matters.

Trust us, it matters who is behind the DJ table. We’ve all experienced that wedding... you know, the one with the painfully awkward DJ whose song choices leave the crowd continually scratching their heads. You can’t help but cringe every time [insert cheesy DJ name] grabs the mic. Sure, a few brave/tipsy souls may bust a move or two, but even an open bar can't resurrect that party. 

don't settle.

Music has the ability to make or break your night. Don’t settle for just anyone. Your college buddy may have great music taste, Spotify may appeal to your budget, but Spin promises an experience that goes deeper than the dance floor.

worth it.

We are skilled DJs that are devoted to our craft. We know music. We know crowds. And soon we will know YOU. With Spin, you will create a personalized, unforgettable night that you'll be talking about for years. Contact us today for more information and to schedule your event! We're worth it.

pictures taken by Brad & Jen.